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David D. Round

Attorney at Law



David D. Round is the Principal Attorney at the David D. Round Law Firm, PLLC.  The primary focus of his firm is to fight for those that cannot fight for themselves. That is why we represent plaintiffs in personal injury claims, defendants in criminal cases, and injured parties in family matters.

David graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Philosophy and History. Quickly thereafter, he began a career in the insurance industry. After experiencing the corrosive nature of the industry, and with some prodding by his beautiful wife and the encouragement of his supportive children, he was compelled to return to school and earn his Doctor of Jurisprudence from South Texas College of Law (now South Texas College of Law Houston).

David began his career in Houston as a solo practitioner. He worked briefly with Charles J. Argento & Associates in Houston, Texas before accepting a position with the Tony Nguyen Law Firm in Austin, Texas. He also worked with Sandoval James, Attorneys at Law. Each opportunity has informed the way he now runs his own firm. He strives to provide exceptional service, access, and transparency in order to guide his clients through one of the most tumultuous times in their lives.


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